Can You Install Glass Pool Fencing on a Timber Deck?

Can You Install Glass Pool Fencing on a Timber Deck? Yes! You absolutely can install a glass pool fence on your timber deck area. While there are a few extra steps involved in this type of installation, when done properly, your frameless or semi-frameless glass pool fence will look stunning, be strong and secure, and […]

Frequently asked questions

What if I need a custom sheet made? At Assured Glass Fencing we can have glass made to suit most situations How thick is the glass that you use? Frameless glass is 12mm thick as to the Australian standards. Does a fence come with warranty? Yes, we provide warranty on all work and products. Does […]

Why do we recommend glass fencing?

Make your home a Masterpiece by adding a glass fence that is stylish and sophisticated to the eye. You have a range of options that doesn’t eliminate your view the two most common being semi frameless and frameless. Your glass fence will comply with all the stringent Australian standards. Your glass fence can be tailored […]

Have you been wondering how to keep your glass fence or balustrade clean?

Don’t worry, this is a common question we get asked! Whilst there are many different ways to do this we always recommend you do it the right way to extend the life span of your glass. Although glass cleaners sounds like the right answer we recommend against them as it can leave a residue on […]

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