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Can You Install Glass Pool Fencing on a Timber Deck?

Yes! You absolutely can install a glass pool fence on your timber deck area.

While there are a few extra steps involved in this type of installation, when done properly, your frameless or semi-frameless glass pool fence will look stunning, be strong and secure, and it will stand the test of time for many years to come.

Best of all? With a professional installation from Assured Glass Fencing, you will receive a Certificate of Compliance and a workmanship guarantee, giving you the assurance that your fence will be safe and compliant with relevant Australian Standards.


Considerations when installing a glass fence on timber decking-

Timber decking, if not properly weatherproofed, is prone to warping, splitting, and cracking due to excessive heat and rainfall.

This means, when a glass fence is installed directly on top of a timber deck – one that exhibits these problems – it can cause the fence to become misaligned. The result can lead to wider gaps between the toughened glass panels, ruining the seamless, connected appearance of the fence, as well as increasing the risk of structural failure.

For this reason, glass fencing installation companies, like Assured Glass Fencing, take additional precautions to avoid this problem.


How we enhance the strength of a timber deck-

Typically, in a situation involving glass fence installations on a timber deck, we reinforce the timber boards themselves with additional support, enhancing their strength, durability, and resilience.

One way to achieve this, is to install double the amount of floor joists used to support the timber decking, in particular, where the stainless steel spigots (or aluminium posts, for semi-frameless) will be installed. This means there is less gaps between each floor joist, which helps make the timber decking more stable through all weather conditions.

Another way to enhance the strength of a timber deck is to install side fittings onto the structure of the deck or balcony. These are metal brackets that you bolt through the joists and/or bearers where the spigots are to be installed. They give the timber decking the extra strength it needs to support the weight of a glass fence installation.

When paired with the use of quality timber and proper weatherproofing measures, your glass fencing will be strong and stable for many years to come.

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