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Don’t worry, this is a common question we get asked!

Whilst there are many different ways to do this we always recommend you do it the right way to extend the life span of your glass. Although glass cleaners sounds like the right answer we recommend against them as it can leave a residue on the glass.

The best and cheapest advice Assured Glass fencing can provide you is a regular clean! Some warm soapy water (dishwashing liquid is suitable) with a microfiber cloth always works a treat. We recommend this to be done every 3 months. After a soapy wash, just hose down the glass with regular water to eliminate any soap or chemicals that may be left on the glass.

As for posts and railing we find the easiest thing to do is wipe over them with a microfiber cloth or a soft sponge giving it a gentle wipe and ensuring that you’re not leaving any micro scratches.

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