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How Safe is Glass Fencing For my Property?

Whether you plan to install a new fence from scratch, or update your existing one, you’re probably asking yourself this question right now.

Is glass fencing as safe, durable, and reliable as people say it is? It’s an interesting question, and definitely worth answering, especially when it comes to safeguarding your property and your family.

The good news is that glass fencing is a safe option regardless of where you use it, whether it be the pool, balcony, walkway, or any other interior or exterior space.

Here is a detailed explanation as to why glass fencing is a safe option for you.

Made from toughened glass for greater protection

Glass fencing is typically made from 10-12mm thick toughened glass.

The thickness of the glass panel depends on whether the glass fence is a frameless or semi-frameless configuration.

Frameless glass fencing is secured into stainless steel spigots bolted into or onto the ground, with no visible gaps between each panel. Semi-frameless glass fencing is secured onto powder coated aluminium posts which separate each panel.

Toughened glass is actually made from ordinary glass, but it goes through a special manufacturing process, known as tempering, to give the class its enhanced strength and durability.

How is it made? First, the glass panel is heated up to 620°C for some time, before being rapidly cooled with air jets. Then, the outside of the glass is forced into compression, while the internal of the glass remains free to float for a while, until enough tension is established inside.

As a result of the tempering process, the glass panel is able to resist higher levels of impact, and the panel itself – in the unlikely event of breakage – will break into small, blunt, cube-shaped pieces so as to reduce the risk of injury. These benefits apply to both frameless and semi-frameless glass fencing configurations, so proud owners of a glass fence will enjoy the same, high level of safety and assurance across the board.

Built to comply with Australian Standards

Regardless of the size and type of pool you own, glass pool fencing can be personalised to suit your unique requirements.

With your choice of a frameless or semi-frameless configuration, complete with durable, stainless steel components like locks, latches, and hinges – not to mention the option of custom glass panels, to accommodate for unique layouts – getting the glass fence of your dreams is easier than you think.

What’s more? Glass pool fencing is able to meet all relevant Australian Standards. In particular, they are built to comply with Australian Standards 2820, AS2818 and AS1926.

These standards specify that:

  • Pool gates must be mounted. And when opened, they should swing away from the pool zone. The gate must also be self-closing, so that after it is opened it automatically swing back and latch closed.
  • The latch on the gate must be at least 1.5 metres off the ground. If installed any lower, the gap needs to be enclosed so that no little fingers can manage to open the pool when no one is around.
  • All pool fencing must be at least 1.2 metres high.[1]

Of course, there may be slight variations to these rules, depending on your state, territory, and local council.

Make sure you refer to your local council website for clarification. Or call them directly. They’ll be able to answer your questions, and specify how these standards apply to you.

Prevents unwanted access

When installed by a professional fencing company, your glass pool fence will help keep your family, friends, and visitors safe from potential harm.

In regards to pools, glass fencing has no footholds for people to use. So, as long as the fence is installed away from climbable zones, there is no risk of pets or young children climbing over the fence. After all, the glass surface is smooth and flat, and it’s impossible to crawl below the fence as well.

Most importantly? With the addition of a self-closing gate, you don’t have to worry about pets or children sneaking into the pool at the last second. When the gate is opened, it is specifically designed to close and latch automatically, without any manual intervention from another person.

With these useful safety features and benefits, play time in the pool and other surrounding areas is much safer, giving you the assurance that you made the right choice.

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