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Assured Glass Fencing – Your No.1 Choice for Quality Frameless and Semi-Frameless Glass Fencing in Hoxton Park

At Assured Glass Fencing we specialise in the design, supply, and installation of glass fencing for Hoxton Park and the surrounding suburbs.

We understand the safety and security of your tenants matters to you. But you also want to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding area. With a frameless or semi-frameless glass fence you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

By combining quality glass products with professional installation, outstanding customer service, and convenient service across Hoxton Park – we guarantee you’ll love the look and feel of your new glass fence.


Sleek and Stylish

Glass fencing is the perfect solution if you want to protect the area yet still enjoy an uninterrupted view of your surroundings.

Whatever style of property you own, we guarantee you will be impressed by not just the seamless borders and contemporary style, but also how well the design blends in with the surrounding environment.

Of course, our friendly team will guide you through the whole process from quote to installation. So you end up with a quality glass fence in Hoxton Park that matches your style and budget.


Tailor Made for You

Assured Glass Fencing has the skills and capabilities to meet the specific needs of each client.

Whether you want glass fencing installed at your home, commercial premise, hotel, government building or anywhere else, our friendly team will cater to the individual needs of your project.

By taking into account the proposed space and the intricate details – such as stairwells, terrain slopes, footpaths, and local council guidelines – you will receive a custom design that works for you.


Lasting Strength and Durability

Each glass fence is built to deliver maximum strength and durability in all conditions with very little maintenance.

All frameless and semi-frameless panels are made from 12mm toughened glass. And all balustrading and spigots are weatherproofed to prevent rust and corrosion while maintaining their visual appeal.

All frameless and semi-frameless glass fencing in Hoxton Park is built to comply with Australian Standards (AS1926-2012 Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools).

For all enquiries about glass fencing in Hoxton Park, contact Assured Glass Fencing today.


Maximum Safety

The safety and security of your tenants is of utmost importance to us. That’s why each glass fence is specially designed to keep you, your family, and the general public out of harm’s way.

In the case of swimming pools, a secure glass gate with a self-closing mechanism is installed to prevent unwanted access. Plus, the fence itself is no less than 1.2m high and installed at least 900mm away from a climbable zone.

No matter where you desire glass fencing in Hoxton Park, our local experts will use their advanced knowledge of the latest glass products to provide a safe, secure and reliable border.


Professional Installation

Put down the instruction manual. Let the expert installation team save you time and hassle.

By choosing a team of fully licensed and insured installers, you can rest easy knowing your glass fence will be installed correctly the first time. And the job will be done quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss to your day.

Best of all? Each job is backed by a workmanship guarantee and manufacturer warranty to give you extra peace of mind.


Book a Free Site Inspection

It’s never been easier to find out how a glass fence can enhance your property.

On a convenient day and time, one of our installers will come to your home or business and discuss your project needs. They will take the time to listen to your ideas, measure the proposed installation area, and give you an upfront price estimate. Of course, this service is free of charge and there is no obligation.

Contact Assured Glass Fencing to book your FREE site inspection. Your local expert in glass fencing for Hoxton Park will gladly book an appointment for you.

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