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Glass Fencing In Narellan

Transparent, Modern and Safe

Glass Fencing Narellan
Looking to give your property a modern makeover that won’t spoil the view? Glass fencing in Narellan is a modern and stylish solution to your security needs. Their simplicity and transparent design gives you the perfect view from any angle.

Keep an eye on your kids while they play in the pool. Enjoy the stunning scenic view from the highest hotel balcony. Glass fencing gives you an uninterrupted view of your favourite sights anywhere you are. Plus, it makes your environment feel more open and spacious too.

What Makes Glass Fencing So Convenient?

Glass fencing is very easy to install and secure onto your premise. Using powder-coated stainless steel clamps, which can be placed onto any tile, timber or concrete surface – each panel is locked into place with ease.

Choose between a frameless or semi-frameless design, which both delivers a seamless view from any angle.

Glass fencing is extremely low in maintenance. The stainless steel clamps are coated with a protective layer that prevents corrosion from building up. This effect lasts through all seasons with very little maintenance.

And the glass panels? Simply clean them every few months and they’ll maintain their transparency all year round!

Effortless Security For Your Family And Customers

Whether you’re installing for the family home or your commercial property – glass fencing keeps Narellan residents safe. Each panel is designed to withstand extreme winds and harsh impacts.

How does it achieve this strength? The panels are made from toughened glass and go through rigorous testing to meet the highest quality standards. Depending on the style of frame you choose, the glass can measure between 9 – 12mm in thickness.

Along with their superior strength, glass fencing is great for keeping pets and children from your outdoor pool. There are no posts to climb on and the surface is completely flat, so there’s no risk of your loved ones entering while they’re out of sight.

Why Choose Assured Glass Fencing?

Assure Glass provides tailor made solutions for your commercial, domestic or local council property.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in designing, supplying and installing fences for a range of properties.

If you’re looking for an installer that offers you:

  • A modern and personalised look for your home or place of business
  • Superior performance and safety for your friends, family, clients and the general public
  • A FREE no obligation quote!
  • Ongoing support and maintenance all year round

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